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Side Project: CVMPUS

CVMPUS was my first business venture I started in 2018 after leaving TechStyle Fashion Group.

It was South Bay’s first do-it-yourself garage — located in Hawthorne, California. Unfortch, I had to close in 2019.

(Photo left, before. Photo right, after)

During my time @CVMPUS

  • Did most of the renovations myself, with help from friends on occassional weekends and watching YouTube videos
  • Funded the entire project with personal funds
  • Made many trips to, and spent lots of money at, Home Depot, Harbor Freight and Sherwin-Williams
  • Had the most [supportive partner][url-alexandra] anyone could ever ask for; taking care of our infant while I was tryna make my dreams come to life 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week
The Before Watch on Instagram
The Remodel Watch on Instagram
The Space Watch on Instagram

Inside CVMPUS' garage

Key takeaways

  • This was the most expensive learning experience I ever had
  • I should’ve raised more capital
  • An undertaking that huge, would’ve been helpful to have a business partner
  • I learned that I can’t do everything (on my own)
  • Start small and scale; build a community first
  • Made me realize how much I missed spending time with my family