Remembering Theandrew One Year Later

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It’s been one year since Theandrew Clayborn passed away. So, to honor him, a few of us did a typical Theandrew night filled with Pour Haus Wine Bar, motorcycles and good company.

It feels like it was only yesterday

When I received the text you had passed away. When I would come across any news, you would be the first person I would call. So I picked up my phone to call you, only to realize, after two rings, that you weren’t going to answer your phone. As long as I can remember, I’ve never lost anyone close to me. Any time I would read about a passing from a friend’s status on Facebook, I could only imagine what they were going through. Now, I know that feeling.

We started the night meeting at Pour Haus, Theandrew’s second home. We all had a few drinks, shared our favorite memories about him and hung out as a family, like we used to do before life overpacked our schedules. Then to end the night, we did Theandrew’s famous Pour Haus run: riding through downtown to Echo Park before swinging back around through the 2nd Street tunnel and over the art district bridges.

A shot of us riding through downtown Los Angeles

As we were all riding over the Olympic Blvd bridge, we passed through the intersection where Theandrew was struck on his motorcycle. And as crazy as it sounds, it felt like he riding by our sides, tilting his head back and laughing like he usually does.

Miss you everyday, brother.
Brap in peace.

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